What we do

Help communities manage rain where it falls. 

Engage communities

Our hands on projects get people involved and aware while transforming the urban landscape in a real way, by managing rain where it falls. Current projects include:

  • Depave Paradise. Groups of volunteers tear up areas of unused pavement by hand and replace them with green space.
  • Rain Garden Groundbreakers. Neighbourhoods at risk take action to retrofit their homes with rain gardens and other measures to reduce basement flooding.
  • RAIN Home visit. A professional advice service provided by certified RAIN Guides, who have advanced technical knowledge but come across as friendly, encouraging peers that engage homeowners understanding rainwater issues on their property and finding best solutions to address trouble spots.

Build capacity

  • Publish the monthly Umbrella Stormwater Bulletin
  • Organize frequent webinars and presentations at conferences
  • Facilitate trainings with world-renowned experts on how to get moving to retrofit communities for managing rain where it falls
  • Subjects of training and outreach include policy changes and levers, financing, community engagement, green infrastructure construction, planning strategies and successful case studies

Support policy change

  • Review and provide input to policy changes and serve on advisory committees for updating stormwater management requirements
  • Created the Soak it up! Toolkit which showcases a range of policies and programs for managing rain where it falls
  • Presentations and workshops to municipalities who want to learn more
  • Steering committee member of the Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition and chair of the stormwater subcommittee

Connect stakeholders

Stay up to date to on the latest green infrastructure news with the Umbrella Stormwater Bulletin.

Latest News

Free Online Depave Paradise Coordinator Training

Free Online Depave Paradise Coordinator Training

Depave Paradise is a multi-community project of Green Communities Canada  to remove unwanted pavement, replacing it with native-planted green spaces that absorb and filter rain before it enters local waterbodies. The unique act of removing asphalt by hand draws the...

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Rain Garden Master Class is Now in Session!

Rain Garden Master Class is Now in Session!

Rain Garden Master Class is Now in Session! Classes will include engaging discussions with lots of photos, case studies with guest speakers, and activities to help you design your own rain garden. Course Fees ($200.00) include: Six training modules covering topics...

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