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Think green infrastructure might be right for your community, but want to learn more before moving forward? We’ve curated some resources in order to help you wade through the vast array of research that’s out there.

First Canadian green infrastructure strategy for stormwater management

An impressive commitment to green stormwater infrastructure was passed in April 2016 by committee and ratified by Vancouver Council. The target is to “capture and treat 90% of Vancouver’s average annual rainfall through the implementation of green infrastructure (GI) on public and private property throughout the City.”

Stormwater management in Ontario

Get a better understanding of what the province of Ontario is requiring for stormwater management by reading the short recent bulletin outlining expectations regarding stormwater management, released by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in early 2015. The interpretation bulletin emphasizes the treatment train approach to stormwater, managing rain close to where it falls, for development and redevelopment projects.

Following a recent review of regional land use plans in Southern Ontario, the government has issued proposed changes that will affect the way rain is managed in the “Greater Golden Horseshoe Area”. The summary guide, Shaping Land Use In The Greater Golden Horseshoe, says the changes would: “Encourage the use of green infrastructure and require low-impact development techniques that include integrating green space in design strategies, landscaping with native plants, and using natural water systems to generate less runoff from developed land.”

Reports and research

As green infrastructure becomes more mainstream, new reports and research are being released all the time about performance, policy, and implementation. To stay up to date, make sure to subscribe to The Umbrella Stormwater Bulletin. If you’re looking for resources on a specific topic, please contact us and we’ll try to point you in the right direction. Here are a few reports to get you started: