Flood risk reduction

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to manage rain where it falls to reduce flood risk downstream.


Flooding is a major threat to Canadians. We work with communities to reduce flooding by treating rain as a resource and managing it close to where it falls.

Municipal Implementation Network

We are coordinating a network to support municipalities in implementing successful neighbourhood flood prevention retrofits. Sign up here to participate in webinars, workshops, and peer to peer knowledge sharing. Learn more about the network here.

Customized support

We work with municipalities to implement successful community engagement programs around flood risk reduction and stormwater management. See RAIN Garden Groundbreakers for some examples and learn more about our services. We also are experts on municipal policies for managing rain where it falls.  Contact us to discuss how we can work with your municipality.

Ontario urban flooding collaborative

We are working with municipalities, nonprofits, the insurance industry, academics, conservation authorities, property owners and funders to come up with a collective action plan to address urban flooding in Ontario. Read our report “Urban flooding in Ontario – toward collective impact solutions” and sign up here to stay up to date on this project.