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We help local governments meet stormwater management goals by building support and participation in managing rain where it falls.

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We’ll work with experts and champions in your community to build a program tailored to local needs and conditions. Together we can mobilize community buy-in for innovative stormwater solutions designed to manage rain where it falls, reduce runoff, filter contaminants, and build climate resilience.

Learn more about stormwater problems and solutions.

Read the interpretation bulletin outlining expectations on stormwater management for the province of Ontario, released by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in early 2015.


Learn about the benefits to municipalities of managing rain where it falls, getting community buy in and working with us.


Find out more about what we can offer to municipalities. Our service packages are customizable to meet your needs.

Soak it Up! Toolkit

Our latest resource identifies programs and policies for implementing green stormwater infrastructure across the urban landscape.

Stay up to date on the latest green infrastructure news with the Umbrella Stormwater Bulletin. It’s free, monthly.

What municipalities are saying:

“Depave Paradise is a wonderful project for our community. Each day, I see the garden out my window and I’m reminded that we need to do more of these great projects all over the city.”
Al MacDonald

Mayor, City of North Bay

“Our RAIN program shows other communities how it is possible to alleviate pressure on our aging stormwater infrastructure and protect our aquifer, our river and our natural heritage.”
Brenda Halloran

Former Mayor, City of Waterloo


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