Services we provide to municipalities

We offer a full slate of services that have been developed, tested and refined to help meet real stormwater management diversion goals in your municipality.

RAIN Community Solutions offers local governments a range of services that will attract attention, communicate the benefits of green stormwater infrastructure and motivate action to manage rain where it falls.

Community outreach and media

  • Booths at community events to engage directly with the public
  • Presentations to community groups and potential partners
  • How-to workshops and training (rain gardens, pet waste composters, rain harvesting, dry basements, etc.)
  • High profile events like Depave Paradise, where volunteers tear up unused pavement and “liberate the soil.”

Demonstration projects

  • Projects that showcase stormwater innovations at highly visible community locations, developed in partnership with community groups, businesses, and public institutions

Site specific advice consultations led by certified RAIN Guides

  • Review site specific concerns with property owners
  • Familiarize owners with path of runoff and potential problem areas
  • Make recommendations for keeping basements dry
  • Outline infiltration landscaping and rainwater harvesting opportunities
  • Provide a detailed written report with links to further resources and contractors

Neighbourhood action planning

  • A series of meetings and other engagement activities in a neighbourhood that has experienced repeated flooding
  • Collaborative development of a neighbourhood action plan


Learn about the benefits of managing rain where it falls, getting community buy in and working with us.
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Homeowner surveys

  • Survey homeowners to determine attitudes, behaviors, barriers and opportunities concerning stormwater, flooding and runoff management

Market development

  • Train designers, suppliers and contractors to improve availability of related products and services such as installation of cisterns, rain gardens, bioswales, infiltration galleries, and permeable paving
  • Develop a qualified, RAIN-certified contractor referral list

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