Roads and runoff

Implementing green streets in the urban landscape

Roads are a leading source of runoff and runoff pollution. But publicly owned rights of way are also a leading opportunity to reduce runoff volumes from the road surface and surrounding lands by incorporating a variety of green infrastructure (low impact development) measures. In 2015-16, Green Communities Canada partnered with Credit Valley Conservation on a project to engage practitioners and decision-makers in the potential for implementing right-of-way green infrastructure, with a focus on practical barriers and solutions.

Thanks to the Places to Grow Implementation Fund, province of Ontario, for financial support.


Background discussion paper

A discussion paper was prepared for participants prior to attending the Roads and Runoff workshop in March 2016.

Toronto Green Street Presentation

Toronto Green Streets: Building a Resilient City through Green Infrastructure, presented by Sheila Boudreau, Toronto City Planning, and Patrick Cheung, Toronto Water.

Final project report

Includes details on a one-day workshop on the topic in Port Credit, Mississauga, 1 March 2016.

Grey to Green Road Right-of-Way Retrofit Guide

This guide is prepared by Credit Valley Conservation with information, guidance, case studies and tools to help you implement and operate LID practices in the right-of-way in municipalities of any size.

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