RAIN Community Solutions helps communities manage rain where it falls to save money, reduce flood risk, and protect our water.

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We work with local partners to achieve resilient communities where rain is valued as a resource.

Our Programs Help

Save Money

Aging urban stormwater systems are proving inadequate to handle increased flows, creating a multi-billion dollar infrastructure deficit. By using free services of nature, we can manage rain more economically and help to address the deficit.

Reduce Flood Risk

Cleaning up after floods is even more expensive. Slowing down and soaking up water reduces stormwater flows and the financial, emotional, physical, and legal toll of flooding in your home and community.

Protect Our Water

Reducing pollution at source and restoring natural filtration of soil and vegetation keeps water safer for swimming, and fishing, and protects the drinking water source of communities downstream.

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What People Are Saying

“Our RAIN program shows other communities how it is possible to alleviate pressure on our aging stormwater infrastructure and protect our aquifer, our river and our natural heritage.”
Brenda Halloran

Former Mayor, City of Waterloo

“The RAIN Program has been great for Kitchener and Waterloo. We couldn’t have done it without Green Communities Canada.”
Mary Jane Patterson

Executive Director, REEP Green Solutions

“The RAIN Home Visit was very timely. We were getting water in the basement and our Guide helped us figure out what to do. She followed up with a full customized report that is an excellent resource for preventing water issues in the home.”
Carolyn Code

Homeowner, Peterborough, ON

Latest News

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Free Online Depave Paradise Coordinator Training

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Rain Garden Master Class is Now in Session!

Rain Garden Master Class is Now in Session! Classes will include engaging discussions with lots of photos, case studies with guest speakers, and activities to help you design your own rain garden. Course Fees ($200.00) include: Six training modules covering topics...

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Photo: Another great turn out for a Depave Paradise event – in Hamilton, Ontario.