Slow It Down

Slowing rain down helps protect your property and our water, reducing erosion and flooding. Here are some simple things you can do to slow rain down.

Disconnect your downspout

Disconnect your downspout from the storm sewer and allow rain to soak into permeable areas. The City of Portland provides instructions on how to disconnect your downspout.

Install a rain barrel or cistern at each downspout

Install a rain barrel or cistern at each downspout and be sure to drain it before the next rain. Many communities have rain barrel subsidies and incentives. Find out what’s available in your community by contacting your local office.

Enhance the urban forest

A single large tree can trap over 9000 litres of stormwater each year. So get busy and plant a native tree. LEAF has a Tree Benefits Calculator to measure the benefits.

Conserve Water

Install water saving hardware and appliances the next time you’re upgrading. Governments often have rebates for making these changes. Check with your local office to find out more.

Soak it up

Soil and vegetation can be used to absorb rainwater and filter pollutants.
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Keep it clean

Take steps to reduce the amount of pollution that enters stormwater.
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