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You’re in luck. Communities across North America and the world are implementing green infrastructure, and they have insights to share. Reports, conferences, presentations and webinars abound. Find current resources here.

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Looking for training, webinars, or conferences? Check out our calendar for upcoming green infrastructure-related events in your area. We share events that we host, as well as events from our colleagues and partners.



Start searching and you’ll realize the amount of content out there is massive. For the basics, check out the stormwater story and green infrastructure FAQs. If you’re looking to get more in depth, we’ve selected a few of our favourite resources here.

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See what communities across North America are doing to manage rain where it falls. Community-based programs are bringing people together, making neighbourhoods more resilient, creating jobs, and cleaning local waterbodies. See what could be possible in your city.  

Soak it up! Policy toolkit

It’s now available hereThis short, easy-to-read toolkit provides a menu of policy tools that have been used in different communities to promote widespread adoption of green stormwater infrastructure. It includes policy overviews, variations, examples, and insights from practitioners. We developed this toolkit at RAIN Community Solutions because our work with stakeholders indicated this was an immediate need.