About RAIN

We work with municipalities, environmental groups, and property owners to reduce runoff and protect water quality by managing rain where it falls.

Origins of the RAIN Program

Since 1995, Green Communities Canada member organizations have been working on water issues, including pollution prevention and conservation.

In 2009, recognizing the growing impacts of urban stormwater runoff – flooding, erosion, nutrient loadings, thermal pollution, infrastructure deficits and more – we initiated a program to help implement positive solutions.

In 2010, after several years of research and testing, we launched RAIN to promote green stormwater infrastructure, also known as low impact development. RAIN helps to restore the urban water cycle and reduce runoff pollution by managing rain where it falls.

RAIN Community Solutions is a joint venture of Green Communities Canada and our member organizations that works with municipalities, community groups, and property owners to get buy-in, action and results. In 2014, RAIN won the Council of the Federation award for excellence in water stewardship.

RAIN Promotes three key messages:

Slow It Down

Reduce peak stormwater flows through rainwater-harvesting and increasing the urban forestry canopy.

Soak It Up

Maximize infiltration of rain into the soil to recharge groundwater and protect drinking-water aquifers for the future.

Keep It Clean

Prevent pollutants like pet waste, oil and grease, fertilizers, cigarette butts and road salt from entering the system.

RAIN promotes these messages through multi-partner community engagement, demonstration projects, workshops, contractor trainings, home visits, and trainings designed for frontline information providers.

Local partners include municipalities, community organizations, conservation authorities, school boards, community and faith-based groups, garden centres, landscape architects, engineering consultants, landscapers, contractors, and product suppliers.