Depave Paradise is a multi-community project of Green Communities Canada  to remove unwanted pavement, replacing it with native-planted green spaces that absorb and filter rain before it enters local waterbodies. The unique act of removing asphalt by hand draws the attention of volunteers, municipal representatives and the wider community.

Depave Paradise demonstration projects make permanent positive changes to neighbourhoods and encourage others to take action! Over the last 7 program years nearly 9500 m2 of asphalt have been removed between the 52 Depave Paradise events that have taken place through our partners all across the country.

Our training for Depave Coordinators is now being offered FREE OF CHARGE through a new online platform, with ongoing support from our wide network of Depave Coordinators as participants plan and implement their first Depave Paradise event. This online training contains roughly 10 hours of content and is self-paced; covering topics such as: basic urban hydrology and stormwater runoff, community engagement techniques, and pertinent Depave Paradise Event logistics such as site selection and design, fundraising and volunteer coordination.

Given this current time of reflection and restructuring due to Covid-19, we feel it’s the perfect opportunity for online learning, cross-organizational networking and planning to bring the Depave Paradise program to your community or organization. This training is also a fantastic entry point for organizations interested in becoming a part of the larger Green Communities Canada member network.

TO REGISTER/  FOR MORE INFORMATION – Email Urban Water Programs Coordinator, Emily Amon at: [email protected]