Protect your property

Keep your basement dry, be a good neighbour, and use rain as a resource.

As a property owner you want to protect your most valuable asset from water-related damage. Damage from flooding or seepage can cost a bundle and is often not covered by insurance.

Disconnected downspout

Minimize flooding, reduce runoff

  • Your basement is a hole in the ground – it wants to fill up with water! Take action to keep the water out.
  • Minimize flood risk for your neighbours.
  • Protect your nearest water body (creek, river or lake).
  • Reduce runoff pollution and help prevent the release of untreated sewage from overloaded sewer systems.
  • Conserve treated water by harvesting rain to water your yard and garden.
  • Soak up rainwater to recharge depleted groundwater.

We can help

  • RAIN Community Solutions provides practical how-to information about managing rain on your land to reduce risk and save money while also protecting your community and local waterways. Use our checklists for residential, commercial, and institutional properties.
  • Find information about local hands-on advice and support where it is available, including home and business visits, subsidies and credits, workshops, and more.


Learn about the actions you can take to protect your property

soak it up
keep it clean