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Urban flood resilience in Ontario

Urban flooding is impacting our province’s economy, environment, and the health and wellbeing of its citizens. Each year more communities, residents, and businesses are affected . Beyond those who have already experienced flooding, millions of people are at high risk.

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Coordinated action is needed to help communities increase resilience. Ontario communities need to:

  • Prioritize vulnerable neighbourhoods by mapping risk and communicating with the public.

  • Help people rainproof and prepare for emergencies.

  • Protect natural areas and retrofit with green infrastructure.

  • Improve infrastructure so that all properties are protected from large storms.

The Ready Set Rain Strategy was developed by Green Communities Canada with input from stakeholders from across the province. It maps out a vision for flood-resilient Ontario communities, along with ideas for moving more communities towards this vision. Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting this project.

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Collective Impact. 

We are working to bring together diverse organizations (governments at all levels, property owners, non-profit organizations, professional associations, the insurance industry, academics, private sector) to agree on a shared action plan to reduce urban flood risk in Ontario.


Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting this project.

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Urban Flooding in Ontario