Hiatus planned for the Umbrella bulletin

Hiatus planned for the Umbrella bulletin

Since 2014, the Umbrella Stormwater Bulletin has shared stories, news and resources about green stormwater infrastructure in Canada and beyond. In our 76 issues, we’ve featured a wide range of stories. Here are a few favourites:

Since we first started publishing, green infrastructure has gained greater acceptance both at a policy level (municipally, provincially, and federally) and on the ground. Leaders across the country are moving ahead with green infrastructure strategies, green streets policies, runoff volume control, stormwater user fees and credits, and incorporating green infrastructure into stormwater and flood reduction plans.

Community groups, including Green Communities Canada members and others, are also helping to move the green infrastructure agenda forward, implementing depaving projects, rain gardens, and other demonstration projects, as well as advocating for local policy change and building public support for green infrastructure.

As on the ground implementation increases, more is being learned about how to design, build and maintain green infrastructure practices in or order to ensure performance over the long term and reap the many co-benefits. More and more resources are available.

Green Communities Canada remains committed to transforming the way rain is managed on the landscape in order to help communities save money, protect water, and increase resilience.

We are currently undergoing staff changes, and the Umbrella Bulletin is going on hiatus for a few months, as we revisit its format and content. Director of Water Programs Sharyn Inward has moved on after two decades with Green Communities Canada, and Water Programs Manager Clara Blakelock (editor of the Umbrella Bulletin) will be heading off on maternity leave as of mid-October.

You may continue to receive periodic updates through this list, and you can also follow us on Facebook (Rain Community Solutions and Depave Paradise) and Twitter (@RAINProgram and @DepaveParadise).

Thank you for reading!

This post was published in the Umbrella Stormwater Bulletin Issue 76 on October 10, 2019.