Rainproofing checklist – commercial & institutional

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Rainproofing checklist for commercial and institutional properties

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  • Ensure roof drains, eaves, oil and grit separators and other storm drains are clear of debris at all times
  • Direct downspouts to permeable areas to soak up rain and reduce icing hazards
  • Require snow removal contractors to have Smart About Salt training
  • Consider installing permeable features such as dry ponds, rain gardens, bioswales, infiltration galleries and/or permeable paving
  • Have vehicles washed and maintained at licensed facilities where spill and effluent containment  are required by law
  • Provide ashtrays at designated smoking areas to contain cigarette butts
  • Have a RAIN Commercial Visit at your facility
  • Ensure spill containment systems and plans are in place for fuels and other hazardous materials.
  • Maintain stormwater management features like oil and grit separators, ponds and permeable features as per recommended schedule
  • Remove animal waste from paved areas
  • Consider installing a rainwater harvesting system


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